An Insightful And Detailed Review Of The Bear Cruzer Compound Bow

The Bear Cruzer Compound Bow is specially designed to ensure that users enjoy using it and they are also comfortable while using it. This means that different people who like archery can comfortably use this bow. Amongst the things that make this particular bow stand out include its features which are designed using the latest technologies. These features also consider all types and sizes of people who might be using this bow. As a result it is ideal to be used even by kids of different sizes. Therefore, archery lovers get optimum satisfaction while using this bow.

The features that make this particular bow stand out includes that it allows for length and weight adjustment. This means that users of this bow gets to adjust its draw weight and draw length to the levels they are comfortable. The weight of the bow can be adjusted between five to seventy pounds while the draw length can be adjusted between twelve and thirty inches. As a result, both adults and kids can comfortable use this bow after adjusting it to the ideal draw weight and draw length. Consequently, this bow can be purchased for a kid who gets to use it until adulthood simply by adjusting the weight and draw length as he or she grows bigger. Furthermore, this bow is durable and therefore users do not have to worry about it breaking down from time to time provided it is used in the right ways.



This bow is also ideal for beginners who might be developing love for archery. This is because even a person who is not conversant with bows can adjust it so as to have a firmer grip. This prevents beginners from developing bad habits as they start their archery journeys. The bow is also endowed with max-preload quad limbs which ensure that the bow has ample power. Furthermore, it has a zero tolerance limb pocket which is useful in enhancing precision. This bow has dimensions of a length of thirty two inches from axle to axle and a brace height of six point five inches. It also has a total weight of 3.6 LBS and a draw range of twelve to thirty inches. Furthermore, its peak draw is five to seventy LBS.

To further enhance convenience and comfort while using this bow it has an offset string suppressor. As a result the user is able to aim more accurately without disruptions. It also has an advanced grip design which is meant to eliminate hand torque when one is looking forward to aiming accurately. This bow uses the MV cam system which enables clear vision while aiming. The camera is also able to spot a target even when at a relative long distance.

This particular compound bow comes ready to hunt with various components that are necessary. Amongst these components include; Trophy Ridge Quiver, A Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, Peep Sight, Trophy Ridge Stabilizer, Trophy Ridge 4 Pin Sight, Nock Loop And Trophy Ridge Sling. This means that after acquiring this bow one can go ahead and start hunting immediately which is very convenient. Therefore, this Bear Cruzer Compound Bow is a suitable bow to be used by archery lovers of different sizes and different ages in a comfortable manner.

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Introduction and guide for coyote hunting tips

Hunting is the legally accepted act of pursuing any animal with the intent of killing it. It can be done for leisure, trade or food. Coyote hunting is mostly done for recreational purposes especially for those who like a good challenge and trade. Getting the permission from land owners is relatively easy as coyotes can be quite a nuisance.

A coyote is a very smart and cunning animal that adapts to all environments and dens in much concealed places. This makes outsmarting them that much more exhilarating. Let us see some valuable coyote hunting tips that assure you an advantage over this smart carnivore.

Choice of the hunting days

It should be done with care as hunting basically depends on your sense of sight, sound and direction. This makes calm, cool days and days with wind that works in your advantage the best choice. The silence can allow you listen to any guiding sounds as well as clearly see trails that might lead you to your prey. Again if it is a searing hot day the coyotes will seek cover and their activity levels reduce which makes cool days the best to hunt.


Since coyotes are highly perceptive to sounds, you need to move craftily if you are to get one of these nifty little creatures. Clumsy movements and talking will lose you the opportunity to catch one unawares since that is the sole thing a hunter relies on. Coyotes are hunters themselves so you have to be sneakier than they are to catch them.

Mastering a good coyote call

Coyotes react to calls as they want to seek the source of sound. A rabbit squealer is a good example of a call device. Once you are well positioned in a place that gives you absolute advantage in view, sound and movement; make an audible call and wait in perfect stillness. In case no coyote shows up after about twenty minutes, move out quietly to another spot. There are different call tools available in the market like mouth, electric and diaphragm. They can help you with the best coyote calls.


Ensure your clothing, gear and body parts are all perfectly patterned to match the hunting grounds so you can maintain the element of surprise. Different terrains will require different outfits depending on whether your hunting environment is in the woods or in a snowy mountain.

Hunting gear

Make sure your tools are well set and in good conditions. You can carry a watch to time calls, a map or a GPS appliance for a sense of direction, decoys, guns and call making devices. Decoys are great for sidetracking the coyote that responds to a call and bringing them to a suitable range from the hunter. Choosing the right gun is also a key component. Close range shooting is best with a shotgun and rifles offer better long range shooting. If you favour bows and arrows, ensure you choose a strong study bow and arrows. Binoculars can aid in observing approaching prey. Ensure you double check your ammo before leaving.

Adherence to these tips ensure you are well prepared to enjoy a successful coyote hunting experience.

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